We work on both buy & sell side engagements, assisting bankers with the back end financial modeling, company valuations, pitch documents, company analysis, industry analysis, financial research, etc. Typically we work as an extension of the banker’s existing team, and dedicate analysts to each project / banker to ensure quality of work and on-time delivery.

We offer a range of services to PE / VC firms, including, in-depth industry research, unlisted company coverage, market & competitive analysis, as well as financial modeling, diligence, and deal evaluation services.

We work with family offices to provide in-depth research on a wide array of financial products ranging from listed equities to unlisted companies to debt instruments. We work closely in collaboration with the teams of family offices to provide their clients the most efficient and effective investment avenues.

Our dedicated team works with brokerage houses to supplement in-house research with continuous white-label reports on equities (initiating coverage, event / visit updates, and result updates), industries and the economy.

We offer hedge funds and money managers complete back end support, from initial analysis on the asset (listed or unlisted companies, bonds, etc.) to financial modeling to portfolio monitoring and updates on a regular basis.

Whether it be a new business line or expansion into other geographies, a certain amount of research needs to be done on the feasibility. We provide complete research solutions from sourcing relevant information to analyzing the project viability.

Our Track Record

‘‘Investing without research is like playing stud poker and never looking at the cards.’’ - Peter Lynch