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What is Conscious consumerism? Does it really impact you?

According to agood company, Conscious consumerism means consumers deliberately making purchasing decisions that they believe have a positive social, economic, and environmental impact. In short, it means shopping mindfully with sustainability in mind. In recent years there’s been an increased spotlight on ‘Conscious Consumerism’ prompted by the growing prominence of climate protests and the popularity […]
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Trends in HealthTech & HealthCare

The Covid-19 pandemic put tremendous pressure on healthcare systems around the world, exposing their vulnerabilities and shortcomings during a global health crisis. In India, the system barely held against the densely populated country’s needs as the virus spread. This broken state of our healthcare and our grave dependence on it for survival during the pandemic […]
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How Does Digitalization Scale Businesses?

Digitalization is an essential component for business success in today’s landscape , especially after the rapid digital adoption accelerated by the pandemic. As per Gartner, digitalization is when a business begins using digital technologies to change its business model and provide new value-producing opportunities. Digitalization is often mistaken for digital transformation or digitization, which is a […]
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HealthTech India

HealthTech Industry in India

Overview of top business models The healthcare technology (health-tech) vertical has seen exponential growth in the last few years, spurred by the growing trends in the health-tech segments of online patient consultation, e-pharmacies, fitness, and wellness awareness, healthcare IT and analytics, and digital management of chronic diseases. Online Pharmacy has dominated the funding received by Healthtech […]
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