Investment Banking

Investment Banking

Fund Raising

When you have a need to look for external equity to increase you to support your traction, scale and growth, we help you identify very appropriate investment partners. Since we work very closely with you, we identify the right kind of match where the investor would bring in like-minded support, apart from purely the capital that they bring in.

We advise you on

  • Identifying the right time to raise equity.
  • Ascertaining quantum of capital needed.
  • Identifying right kind of investment partner.
  • How can investors add more value to the business, in addition to the capital brought in.
  • How to get the business ready to attract external investment at various stages.
  • What would be the right valuation for the business.

Generally, investors are classified as Financial Investors, Strategic Investors, and/or Venture Investors. Depending on your requirements, we identify suitable investment partners.

Mergers & Acquisitions


Smart Advisors helps companies and shareholders in encashing the value that has been created over a period. We work closely with clients, understand their current status, and prepare them for a successful sell-out, both in terms of preparing the documents and presentation, and also advises them with the business plan strategy. We prepare the sellers in getting ready in all the aspects to attract a potential buyer for the business, identifying a suitable buyer, getting a win-win valuation, etc.


Smart Advisors helps clients in their inorganic growth strategy, which includes acquisition of companies. We advise our clients on entry into new products and services, and new markets.

One of our focus areas is to assist clients in identifying new areas of business, gets them suitable matches for investing on other companies, to grow and ramp up quickly. While identifying a suitable match, we will not only consider the seller’s core strength, but in addition, also understand the qualities of the management of the seller company that would help the buyer to scale quickly.