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When you are growing rapidly (or even if your growth has plateaued), there are some huge challenges ahead, such as ensuring profitability while chasing growth. As the entrepreneur, the buck stops with you, and you have to make strategic decisions that can energize growth. Sometimes tough conversations need to be had, at other times you need help with strategic transformations, and this is where we come in. We believe in jumping into the heart of problem, analysing it from various perspectives and giving you actionable strategies that can help you make your decision, give focus to what is really important and plans on how to execute your vision. We believe in getting results and not just giving elegant reports.


Strategic business transformation
Assist in identifying new markets to expand to
Work towards increasing awareness in your current market
Turnaround management
Re-organize your business model to create scalable strategies
Creation of Employee stock option (ESOP) strategies

The client is a leading fintech player based in South India. The client’s group had over the years grown into multiple entities with sister concerns and subsidiary entities – across the globe.


Analysed each entity separately and in detail and created an operational matrix for each one along with a process flow.
Identified areas of synergy between entities, and areas of redundancy.
Using this analysis, we suggested the optimum company structure to the client to enhance stakeholder value

Operations for the client was significantly streamlined with multiple organizations folding into one.
Efficiency was improved resulting in lower turn round times and better profit margins.
The client improved profit margins by 8% within 12 months of the restructuring exercise.