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In today’s fast-paced business landscape, the heart of every company lies within its finance department. Even the slightest financial challenge can send shockwaves through your organization, hampering progress and stifling success. At Smart Advisors, we specialize in empowering companies like yours through our unrivalled expertise and proven frameworks.

Harnessing the Power of Sector Expertise and Finance Functional Knowledge

At Smart Advisors, we understand that every industry has its unique financial intricacies. That’s why we go beyond generic solutions and leverage our deep sector expertise and comprehensive finance functional knowledge. Our dedicated team thrives on diving headfirst into data, excel sheets, and reports. We leave no stone unturned in identifying even the most elusive problems and devising robust, easy-to-implement solutions.

Driving Growth and Improving Profit Margins in an Evolving Business Landscape

As companies and industries continue to evolve, the pressure on management to achieve simultaneous growth and improved profit margins intensifies. That’s where Smart Advisors steps in. With our unparalleled experience in managing both internal and external stakeholders, we are equipped to guide you through the ever-changing tides of success. We collaborate closely with your team, aligning strategies and streamlining processes to ensure your organization thrives in today’s competitive market.


Structuring of the company for optimal stakeholder value
Re-structuring the company to reduce costs and improve profitability
Strategic deal documents
Detailed Information memorandum
Financial modelling and valuations
Data analysis and scenario modelling
Investor pitch documents

A leading analytics product company based in Singapore hired us to do a costing analysis for their product line.


Bottom-up approach to arrive at the costing for the SaaS product
Benchmarking of competitor pricing and costing was also done
Using the results of both studies we arrived at an optimum costing for the client’s SaaS product

The client found that margins increased by 2% within 6 months with the new costing
Revenues for the SaaS product went up by 15% in the same 6-month period as a result of better costing

If you are interested in learning more about our financial consulting services and how we can help your business grow and succeed, please contact us today to schedule a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.