Food security

Revolutionizing Food Security in India: The Power of Agritech Solutions

Food security is crucial for ensuring access to safe and nutritious food for all. Agritech, the application of technology in agriculture, holds great promise in addressing the challenges of food security by revolutionizing agricultural practices. An Overview of Food Security in India: Food security includes availability, accessibility, utilization, and stability of food. India faces challenges […]
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Food Tech

Fusing Tech & Sustainability: Food Solutions for India’s Environmental Challenges

In a world grappling with environmental challenges, the need for sustainable food solutions has become paramount. India, with its vast agricultural landscape and rich culinary heritage, is uniquely positioned to leverage food-tech innovations to address these challenges. Through the convergence of technology, agriculture, and sustainability, India can pave the way for a greener, more resilient […]
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Food System

The Urgent Need for Food System Transformation: Why It’s So Important Now – More Than Ever!

Food is a universal need and an essential part of our daily lives. However, the food system we have today is facing unprecedented challenges like never before, ranging from climate change to pandemics such as COVID-19. This makes it more important than ever to transform our food systems for a sustainable future. Introduction: What is […]
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Top #5 trends in Indian food technology

With increased intervention of technology in agriculture, finance, education, healthcare and many others, food industry is no different. The use of applications, robots, data, and processing methods, however, has altered how we create and obtain our food over time. A recent ING analysis claims that technology aids agricultural producers in producing food more effectively to […]
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