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Top #5 trends in Indian food technology

With increased intervention of technology in agriculture, finance, education, healthcare and many others, food industry is no different. The use of applications, robots, data, and processing methods, however, has altered how we create and obtain our food over time. A recent ING analysis claims that technology aids agricultural producers in producing food more effectively to […]
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Trends in HealthTech & HealthCare

The Covid-19 pandemic put tremendous pressure on healthcare systems around the world, exposing their vulnerabilities and shortcomings during a global health crisis. In India, the system barely held against the densely populated country’s needs as the virus spread. This broken state of our healthcare and our grave dependence on it for survival during the pandemic […]
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technology growth drivers

Top Trends Driving Growth in IT / Tech

The information age ensures that technology mutates at a rapid pace. Emerging vistas aim at making technology more advanced, yet simple enough to enhance the end-user experience. The race is continuously on to create something larger, more real, and useful. When time is always flying at a furious pace, technology has also constantly stayed ahead. […]
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mushroom 7490921 1920 Regenerative Farming

Regenerative Farming

Last year, Nestle committed to investing $1.2 Bn over five years to support regenerative farming by impacting more than 5 Lakh farmers and 1.5 Lakh suppliers in its value chain, PepsiCo set an ambitious goal to deploy regenerative practices across 7 Mn acres by 2030, Unilever has released a set of Regenerative Agriculture Principles that […]
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